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Tenant Information


  • No pets of any kind are allowed within the apartments or on the premises.

  • Feeding and/or harboring of stray or feral animals is not permitted.

  • Open flame devices (grills, torches, etc) are not allowed on the Partners Place Property at any time.

  • Personal "renters" insurance is strongly advised for each individual tenant.

Expected Behavior

Report damage/vandalism of any kind to property management and rental agents for the safety and well-being of everyone.

Trash, Rubbish, Debris

Partners Place currently provides multiple weekly trash pickup and removal, as a convenience to our tenants. Dumpsters located in the back corner of the parking lot are provided to deposit their trash bags/furniture/recyclables etc.

Resident Only Parking

  • A new parking policy has been established at Partners Place as of 2013 to insure that adequate parking is provided to our tenants. A recent reconfiguration of the parking lot, required by the City of Durham, has limited on-site parking. However, the complex has coordinated with adjacent properties to provide parking for all tenants and guests, in close proximity, if necessary.

  • ALL VEHICLES utilizing the on-site parking areas at Partners Place MUST have a current and valid ON-SITE PARKING PASS/HANG TAG displayed in clear view from the exterior of the vehicle.

  • Each Unit will be issued two (2) ON-SITE Parking Passes to be used with any vehicle associated with the unit, interchangeably for one year, beginning each FALL SEMESTER. New ANNUAL Passes will be distributed each FALL and previous passes will automatically become null and void.

  • For Units with three (3) or more vehicles, an OFF-SITE PARKING PASS may be obtained by contacting your Rental Agent or Unit Owner.

  • ALL VEHICLES utilizing the designated OFF-SITE Parking Areas MUST have a current and valid OFF-SITE PARKING PASS/HANG TAG displayed in clear view from the exterior of the vehicle.

  • VISITORS & GUESTS may use the parking passes provided to each tenant interchangeably, but ALL VEHICLES MUST HAVE A CURRENT and VALID PARKING PASS/HANG TAG Visible.

  • If your vehicle has been towed, contact CHANDLERS TOWING at (919) 220-5234. All fees related to towing must be negotiated with CHANDLERS TOWING.

  • Any Taxi on-site at Partners Place must not block ingress and egress to any area of the property and may not sit idle for more than five (5) minutes. Partners Place Condo Members, Agents and Security Personnel reserve the right to enforce this rule and to limit repeat offenders from access to the property.

  • Commercial Multi-Passenger Vehicles (i.e., limos, buses) - Large multi-passenger vehicles are not permitted to enter the Partners Place Condo property.


  • Car-break-in's etc. are an unfortunate part of urban community life - Please help reduce this by being vigilant of your surroundings.

  • Lock vehicle doors and keep valuables out of sight.

  • Your primary efforts are to report any actual or attempted "break-ins" immediately to Durham Emergency Services (911). Please also inform your rental agent and property manager as soon as possible as well.

  • "No solicitation" signs are posted on the properties. Never open your door to anyone unless you can positively identify them as someone you know.


  • Each building at Partner's Place has a fire extinguisher box located on each of its floors.

  • Contact the Durham police and the Community Manager to report any vandalism.

  • Please report any water damage from leaky toilets, ice makers, dishwashers, leaky skylights, etc. It is the tenant’s responsibility to report any incident to community/apartment managers immediately.

  • Contact your property manager / rental agent for problems occurring within your apartment e.g., refrigerator leaks, plumbing problems, heating, HVAC problems, lock outs etc.

Your Safety

Remember that the Courtesy Officers at Partners Place are only on-site during limited days and hours. In general, the courtesy officer at Partners Place, if on-site, may be contacted immediately if any tenant witnesses a disturbance or other minor security concern. Although we are glad to offer this added measure to our residents, the Courtesy Officer presence is not a substitute for local police. For any Emergency that threatens the safety and/or security of any person or property at Partners Place, contact 911 immediately.

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